YWCA Metro St. Louis Celebrates Inaugural Graduating Class of Successful Pathways™

YWCA Metro St. Louis Celebrates Inaugural Graduating Class of Successful Pathways™

Monday, March 18, 2024 / St. Louis, Missouri – YWCA Metro St. Louis is proud to announce the graduation of the first cohort of graduates from its Successful Pathways™ apprenticeship program.

Saadia Abdalah, Kenisha Adams, Zakia Ahmadi, Joy Blount, Codiedra Burns, Kori Mayfield, and LaToya Mosby have completed their apprenticeship and are now equipped with the skills and credential to embark on careers in early education.

The Successful Pathways program, developed by YWCA Metro St. Louis to address the critical shortage of qualified early education professionals, offers an accelerated, pre-credentialing pathway for individuals interested in entering the field. Through a combination of paid on-the-job training and comprehensive support services, the program provides participants with the necessary tools to succeed in their roles and advance in their careers.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our inaugural graduating class of Successful Pathways,” said Angel Clower, Curriculum Instruction Manager. “Saadia, Kenisha, Zakia, Joy, Codiedra, Kori, and LaToya have shown exceptional dedication and perseverance throughout their apprenticeships. Their commitment to learning and growing in the field of early education is truly inspiring.”

The Successful Pathways apprenticeship not only addresses the shortage of staff in YWCA Metro St. Louis’ Early Education Program but also provides participants with a career pathway and economic empowerment. By earning their Child Development Associate® credentials and gaining hands-on experience in childcare settings, graduates like Saadia, Kenisha, Zakia, Joy, Codiedra, Kori, and LaToya are well-positioned to make a positive impact in the lives of children and families in our community.

“We are immensely proud of our graduates and their accomplishments,” said Stacy Johnson, Chief Program Officer and Head Start Director at YWCA Metro St. Louis. “Their completion of this program is a shining example of the transformative power of education and training. As they embark on this next chapter in their careers, we have no doubt that they will positively impact families in our Head Start program.”

Successful Pathways, a Department of Labor registered apprenticeship, underscores YWCA Metro St. Louis’ commitment to providing quality childcare and creating career opportunities in our community.  The apprenticeship was recently honored with a What’s Right with the Region award for Demonstrating Innovative Solutions by FOCUS St. Louis. As the program continues to expand, it will play a vital role in addressing the childcare crisis and strengthening workforce in our region for years to come.

For more information about YWCA Metro St. Louis and the Successful Pathways™, please visit ywcastl.org.

YWCA Metro St. Louis is the region’s leading advocate for the safety, security and stability of women and children, serving more than 10,000 women, girls and families annually. The mission of YWCA is eliminating racism and empowering women. YWCA offers crisis intervention and rapid re-housing for victims of sexual and domestic violence; services for pregnant women and Head Start and Early Head Start early childhood education; economic empowerment services for all clients; and racial justice educational programs.

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