What We Do

YWCA is on a mission and YWCA Metro St. Louis is making it our own!

To empower women and eliminate racism, we must meet our clients where they are most vulnerable and provide the compassion and services that place them on a path to self-sufficiency and prosperity. Our vision is that all women and their families can achieve their full potential in a world without discrimination.

This requires a focus on the future, anticipating the needs of our clients, and creating innovative solutions to the problems they most often face – poverty, unsafe living conditions, lack of reliable and affordable childcare, and under- or unemployment.

We are evolving our services to meet the changing needs of our clients today and in the future. We remain rooted in rich history, but our approach to serving our clients is holistic, strategic and innovative.

Nationally, YWCA advocacy issues include lobbying for pay equity and hate crimes legislation, increased funding for Head Start and passing the Violence Against Women Act. Locally, through our programs, we are changing lives and restoring hope for women, their families, and our community!

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