Witnessing Whiteness

Program Calendar

Thanks for your continuing interest and support of this program!

The 2018B groups starting in August are currently being organized, and we are near capacity.

In order to join a group or organize a group (minimum size is 15 people) for January 2019, please note our deadlines below and email witnessingwhiteness@ywcastlouis.org for more information.


Planning and organizing begins by October 15, 2018

Groups begin meeting in January 2019

Groups conclude by end of May 2019


Planning and organizing begins by June 1, 2019

Groups begin meeting in August 2019

Groups conclude by end of December 2019

  • 10 sessions
  • Groups met approximately twice each month for 2 hours beginning with an introductory overview session and then one on each of the book’s 9 chapters
  • Groups may meet day, evening, or weekend hours

Group size – 15 to 25


  • Across the St. Louis metro region
  • May be in schools, churches, synagogues, workplaces, community centers
  • Groups have also been hosted in individual homes


  • Teams of volunteer facilitators guide each group
  • All facilitators have gone through the Witnessing Whiteness program, facilitator orientation, and receive continuing professional development

Using the book Witnessing Whiteness: The Need to Talk About Race and How to Do It (2nd edition) by Shelly Tochluk, group members explore:

  • History and construction of white racial identity
  • Community building within white spaces
  • White culture and values and how US national culture reflects and largely rests of white culture, practices and values
  • Manifestations of white supremacy and privilege
  • Cross-racial communication, conflict, and relationship building
  • Activation of white solidarity and accountability

Individuals are responsible for purchasing a copy of the book – eReader or print version.

Witnessing Whiteness cover

Local bookseller, Left Bank Books, offers a 20% discount on the book. Use http://www.left-bank.com/book/9781607092575 to order. The link is hard-coded to take the 20% discount at checkout. You can go in to pick up your copy after an online purchase, or it can be shipped to you via media mail for 99 cents.

Facilitator Resource Section

Documents, presentations and files needed to help facilitators conduct sessions can be found .
A password is required to access these documents. Please speak with program coordinator for password.