Recognize Your Leaders

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YWCA Metro St. Louis “Leaders In The Workplace” Program

Your employees are your greatest assets. YWCA’s Leaders In The Workplace program is a unique opportunity for Leader Lunch sponsors to honor up to ten (10) women within your company who exemplify the qualities and characteristics you value in your leaders and future leaders.  Leaders In The Workplace is a great, cost-effective way to recognize, motivate and inspire your employees, customers, clients and/or vendors.

Centene is proud to support the YWCA, one of the oldest and largest women’s organizations in the nation. More than 60 percent of Centene’s supervisors and above are women. We support the Leaders In The Workplace program because we understand the value that women add to our organization and believe recognizing women for their achievements is vital to inspiring and growing the next generation of amazing employees.” – Marcela Manjarrez-Hawn, Chief Communications Officer