YWCA Metro St. Louis Recognized with 2023 Cigna Healthy Workforce Designation™

YWCA Metro St. Louis Recognized with 2023 Cigna Healthy Workforce Designation™

Tuesday, March 2, 2024 / St. Louis, Missouri– For the second year running, YWCA Metro St. Louis has been chosen by Cigna Healthcare to receive the 2023 Bronze level Healthy Workforce Designation, recognizing the organization’s steadfast dedication to enhancing the health and vitality of its employees through a workplace wellness initiative.

“We are delighted to be acknowledged for our ongoing dedication to prioritizing the health and wellness of our workforce. This recognition speaks volumes about our continued efforts to foster a supportive and thriving work environment,” said Dr. Cheryl Watkins, MBA, President and Chief Executive Officer of YWCA Metro St. Louis.

The Cigna Healthy Workforce Designation evaluates organizations based on the core components of their well-being program, including leadership and culture, program foundations and execution, policies and accommodations, and additional areas. Organizations recognized with this designation set the standard of excellence for organizational health and vitality. Cigna Healthcare is proud to honor YWCA Metro St. Louis with the Bronze level designation for having made good progress towards a healthy work culture by establishing and growing their employee well-being and engagement program.

“It is an honor to receive the Bronze level designation by Cigna. Our organization takes pride in having a solid wellness program,” said Sharon Winfield, YWCA Metro St. Louis Chief Human Resources Officer.

Vitality is defined as the capacity to pursue life with health, strength and energy. It is both a driver and an outcome of health and work/life engagement, and Cigna Healthcare believes it is not only essential to individuals, but is also a catalyst for business and community growth. Research conducted as part of the Evernorth Vitality Index confirms that those with higher vitality experience better mental and physical health along with higher levels of job satisfaction and performance. An opportunity remains for employers as less than one in five U.S. adults report having high levels of vitality. A workplace well-being program that takes a comprehensive approach to employee health can be critical in boosting vitality and building a workforce that experiences better overall health and job productivity.

YWCA Metro St. Louis is the region’s leading advocate for the safety, security and stability of women and children, serving more than 10,000 women, girls and families annually. The mission of YWCA is eliminating racism and empowering women. YWCA offers crisis intervention and rapid re-housing for victims of sexual and domestic violence; services for pregnant women and Head Start and Early Head Start early childhood education; economic empowerment services for all clients; and racial justice educational programs.

YWCA 24/7 CRISIS HELP LINE 314.531.7273

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