Emerging Entrepreneurs Program

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emerging entrepreneursAccording to a recent survey of young people, one-quarter of the respondents were more inclined to want to start a business than pursue other career opportunities. Acting on youth interest in entrepreneurship, YW-Teens is pleased to offer Emerging Entrepreneurs.

Emerging Entrepreneurs is a year-round economic empowerment program that introduces area high school students to entrepreneurship through hands-on, interactive activities and learning relevant to the real world and their interests and level of understanding. Students discover the risk and rewards of entrepreneurship; explore entrepreneurship as a possible career path; and build transferrable skills such as problem-solving, setting goals, effective communication and cooperative teamwork. Activities included in the Emerging Entrepreneurs Program include:

Participants Quotes

"I liked the feedback given and the new knowledge of how I can really start a new business.”
high school student
“It [The Emerging Entrepreneurs Program] opens up a wide variety of different entrepreneurial skills.”
high school student

For more information about Emerging Entrepreneurs, contact yw-teens at 314.531.1115 or ywteens@ywcastlouis.org