Personal Empowerment Programs

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The YWCA Metro St. Louis offers a variety of workshops to empower all women.  Supporting Healing Workshops 2020 To register, call (314) 645-4848 for our St. Louis office or (636) 373-7911 for our St. Charles office.

2018 Workshop Topic Descriptions

Communication: Do you wonder – Are they even listening? Explore the challenges of communicating.

Healthy Relationships: Are we companions or combatants? Learn more tips about relationships. This positive, interactive healthy relationship workshop can help you reach your goals.

Grief and Loss: It can stop us in our tracks. Find understanding and wisdom for healing and living.

Building Boundaries: You deserve your own “line in the sand.” Explore how to establish, to adjust and to preserve your boundaries.

Surviving Stress: Exchange holiday horror for holiday health.

Positive Parenting: You CAN raise joyful, resilient kids while staying cool, calm and connected.


Past 2017 Workshop Topic Descriptions

Self-Compassion & Mindfulness: An in-depth experience of the benefits of self-compassion.

Accepting Change: “I don’t wanna!” OK, we’ll explore the path from resistance to resilience.

Self-Esteem and Body Positivity: Who says if you are good enough or determines what is good enough? You do!

The Practice of Gratitude: When you change your focus, you change your world!